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All My Love

Before we began to think about creating our own brand of clothing and accessories, we have been inspired by the British brands, which are abundant in the United Kingdom, however absent on the Czech market. It is mostly functioning on the similar idea, in fact with nearly the same designs, but that does not matter. It creates the vision that it is running on support rather than so called ‘’Czech jealousy,’’ which, thankfully, is slowly disappearing.

We decided to origin the brand All My Love – Everything in your life that you like, care about and makes you happy. That has been and always will be the idea behind our brand. All My Love was also Lenka’s first single and EP, which inspired the name of the brand connected to our music and lives.

At the beginning it was hard to find young, dedicated and creative people, who would help with the design and the start of the brand in general. Fortunately, we have received great help from our dear friend Jakub Lacný, from the band ‘’Hopes.’’ He created simple designs, which kicked the whole production off.

We are still in the beginnings, offering only sweatshirts, T-shirts and keychains, but we want to offer much more. It is our passion and hopefully for the people around as well. We hope, that those who decide to put on T-shirt All My Love in the morning, will be in a better mood for the rest of the day!

Yours Lenny & Ondra, team All My Love