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Alžběta Jungrová

Alžběta Jungrová is a contemporary Czech photojournalist. She has taken unique photographs for, which will be sold on our web in a limited amount. Every purchased photograph has its number and Alžběta’s signature.

Alžběta’s specialization is journalism and documentation projects about developing third world countries. In the past, Alzbeta travelled to many countries to achieve powerful shots. She photographed, for example, heroin dealers in Khyber Pass located in Pakistan, wrecked and abandoned ships in Bangladesh, shelter for HIV positive youth in Vietnam, rail traffic in Cambodia, or street riots in the Gaza Strip. She has been numerously awarded as Czech Press Photo and she has twice earned the UNHCR award for a remarkable help for refugees.

Alžběta has graduated the school of graphic arts, majoring in applied photography. After school, she has worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper Mladá Fronta DNES, after which she has moved on to work for CPA news agency. She has also lived in the United States and Mexico between the years 2000 and 2002, following with half a year in London. During the 2002 floods in Czech Republic, Alžběta worked for Hospodářské Noviny and photographed for Lidové Noviny and Vltava Labe Press. She is currently cooperates with a British agency Demotix and with a developing media empire PPF Media.